Some children are extremely
Some children are extremely

Some children are extremely

Some children are extremely busy, but some children always seem to be busy. Nowadays, ADHD is often thought of, but is that right? Are there no other explanations for busy behaviour? Sometimes busy behavior is simply a demand for attention, powerlessness or a signal that a child is not feeling well. One child is naturally busier than another, but the environment, events at school or at home, lack of structure or, for example, fatigue can also lead to busy behavior. In this article the tips on how to deal with busy children.  Neach Life style

Here are the tips on how to deal with busy children:

  • Try to make it a sport to give more compliments and positive reactions every day than punishments and negative comments. Of course you have to be strict now and then, but make sure it gets a positive outcome.
  • Accept the child as it is. Some kids are just busier than others.
  • Also look at the nice things of a child. Bustle makers can also be sweet, cute and funny.
  • Respond positively if they want to tell, show or ask something. A glance, nod, or a smile can be enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Try to pay attention as much as possible to what the child is doing well. Immediately give a compliment, mentioning the good behavior. For example: “It’s great that you’re ready so quickly, now we don’t have to rush.”
  • Engage busy children in activities they can handle (setting the table, raking grass, carrying groceries) and show appreciation for this effort.
  • Distinguish between behavior and person. If a child is difficult and you want to say something, don’t reject the child. For example, say: “I’m sorry you haven’t cleaned your room again”. Instead of: “What a terrible slob you are. You never tidy up your stuff.”
  • Give a busy child the chance every day to rage, frolic, romp as much as possible. Children are usually busy at times when it is not allowed. So give them moments when it is allowed.