My proposal to her stemmed from
My proposal to her stemmed from

My proposal to her stemmed from

Lindsay & Eric celebrated their intimate fall wedding day at the newly opened Chateau Grand Hotel in New Jersey. It was a modern, but elegant, and minimalistic affair where they focused on the aspects that were really important to them, like ambiance and music.

The Chateau Grand Hotel provided them with the perfect intimate environment since they don’t love crowds. Even though the weather brought some rain, it was a fun filled and joyous day.

The Proposal

His Version:

My proposal to her stemmed from us both loving a bakery in NYC, during covid my options were very limited so I decided to have them make a proposal cake to surprise Lindsay with after our day in the city. She carried it around all day and had no idea.

Her Version:

My proposal was a covid edition but I think it described our relationship perfectly. He ordered a cake from our favorite bakery when we were in the city running around doing things. We wanted to bring cookies and brownies home to stock up – so he went to go get them and said he got a cake so we could just freeze pieces – I thought nothing of it and was down for mass amounts of cake. Fast forward to later that night, it was late, I wanted to open it so I could cut it up and freeze it for peak freshness! Only I didn’t make it very far without crying when I realized what was happening.